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The Sons of Nimrod.

A pretty packed Thursday, actually. I'm more or less decided that I'm going to be a recluse today. I could change my mind at the last minute, but I think I'm going to stay in, not drink anything, & go to bed early. I had pretty crappy dreams last night-- the sort of nightmares that you can't even talk about, because they're just no good. Nothing good can come of it. The day! Lets look back at that. A solid work day; got lunch at Rye House with Terra, Vicki & JJ. I showed them an embarrassing kind of lean that I can do & asked the bartender about his tie clip-- I'm pretty sure it was from Spragwerks. Also, had another Goose Island Domenique, because that is a heckuva beer. After work, it was the first CSA pick up of the season! Netting us: a bunch of turnips, a bunch of dinosaur kale (?!), a couple of garlic scapes, a bunch of radish greens, a bunch of arugula, a bunch of spinach, a head of butter lettuce, a bunch of scallions, a pot of basil & chives & two cartons of strawberries. Met up with elladorian while I was down in her neck of the woods, & stopped by Bierkraft on the way home, picking up supplies for the evening. I got the Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier because I figured it would be fun to give fatbutts a smoke beer, & also the Captain Lawrence Five Years Later Ale, their fifth anniversary ale made with five different malts, five different hops, a nice dark but hoppy beer. Almost a Russian Imperial Stout. Or maybe totally one, I don't know. Maggie met up with fordmadoxfraud at the grocery store buying some Blue Point Toasted Lager & Lilly showed up with Archie in tow. We started things off by video chatting with Jenny for a little bit-- she comes home tomorrow, thank heavens-- & then a break to order food from La Boulangerie Lopez-- before we got settled in to watch Superman: The Movie, which Lilly had never seen. In fact, Lilly isn't very familiar with Superman mythology, so it was a lot of fun to watch her going "oh no!" when Lois is dangling from the helicopter & "oh what! when shit gets real. Plus, a movie that doesn't introduce the lead till fifty minutes in? It sure has guts. I mean-- Donner's version of Krypton is basically amazing & perfect & Christopher Reeve is...well, he's just iconic. The music is amazing. Margo Kidder as Lois Lane is...a mistake, & Gene Hackman's Luthor is...not a credible threat, nor a good foil for Superman. To be fair, Until John Byrne revamped Lex Luthor in 1986 he was...not a good character, I don't think. The businessman angle is perfect, especially when Grant Morrison synthesizes it with the mad scientist. Lex Luthor, smartest man alive-- that is what I want, not some fumbling comedic buffoon. After they left, I couldn't get to bed, & so I stayed up later than I meant to fooling around online, & then fell into a restless slumber. Oh well.
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