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Winter Is Here. (65)

The Ice Dragon by George R.R. Martin.

Icicle castle,
winter's white jack-o-lanterns,
better than snowmen!

Yep, this is definitely a children's book by the author of the Game of Thones series. That is absolutely what it is. If I told you "George R.R. Martin wrote a book for kids called The Ice Dragon!" you might jokingly reply "what, is it a book about a grisly encroaching winter & dealing with the horrors of war?" To which I can only answer in antiphon: "that is exactly what this book is about." This book predates A Song of Ice & Fire by a bit, & it prefigured it in a lot of ways. Winter hangs over everything, though without the seasonal aberrations of Westeros. War is a force that disrupts lives & ruins people. Dragons are in it. Heck, dragons are involved with the seasonal cycle-- the snow dragon is wrapped up with cold weather in the same way the Others are, & unless I miss my guess with A Song of Ice & Fire a clash between dragon's fire & Other's ice is inevitable in the endgame. So yes, the book tugs a little on the heart-strings, yes it goes to some pretty dark places. What did you expect? It is always nice to see a kid's book that has the guts to get grim-- to get Grimm-- these days. I quite liked it.
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