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(Me & Matt celebrating Brian's birthday at Azuki with sake & Phantom Kat, photo by Brian M.)

I finished up the book I was reading yesterday, & went to the gym, but that is about all I accomplished. Fine with me! I was supposed to be preparing for a game but that fell through, so my responsibilities evaporated! I ate food from La Boulangerie Lopez, which is a gem of a place I discovered recently-- really good Mexican Breakfast Foods. Uh, let me see. So, at the gym the AC was out upstairs, making the cardio & machines a no-go. The free weights still had cold air, so I spent an hour locked up in there. Uh, "blasting my pecs" or whatever. Seriously though an hour of me & cold iron. I sort of timed it so that when I came home, it would be late-- basically only requiring an endcap to the day. Since Jenny is gone, I need to plan ahead to portion out my time! I don't have a mood stabilizer, so I'm kind of screwloose. I ended up staying awake later than I meant to anyhow, but c'est la vie. I was watching Robotech: The New Generation-- so, so good. So good. The episode about post-apocalyptic New York? Is a Fame homage! & the top of the Empire State Building is crowned by an Invid hive. Oh man, that is basically my perfect world, right there. So good. After that episode-- sort of a musing on the role of the genderqueer character Lancer/Yellow Dancer-- is the one that discusses the role of photojournalism in wartime. Man, Robotech, why you so good? So good. I finished that series this morning, & at the end, the "on the next episode..." stinger? They just tell you to go back & watch the Macross series again! Revisit the beginning! Ha ha ha! 555. Anyhow, I think I'm going to watch Robotech: The Robotech Masters, because the Southern Cross is my jam. So then I finished up the evening chatting with General Jinjur, who I found out is tiny! Short in stature, tall in power, narrow of purpose & wide of vision. & uh, now I'm just chilling out, listening to Robyn.
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