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(It looked like I wasn't wearing pants, but I'm wearing shorts; photo by Lilly.)

Television Night! There was a bit of clutter & back & forth with Kira first-- she wanted a tape measurer, & I couldn't find ours! They've got some irons in the fire that I don't want to jinx, but if they work out it could be real handy for yours truly. Let me say here: don't have like, ten people text me a flurry of contextless messages! "Text Kira." "Text Kira." "Text Kira when you get this." I was like "Uh, I hope this is like "can I use your tape measurer?" & not "Jenny got hit by a car" or something, jeez. Give a guy a heart attack! Luckily my biology has two hearts. Jenny showed up shortly after Kira left while I was putting clothes away, & she changed into pajamas before fordmadoxfraud & elladorian showed up. I went out to grab Jenny a burger (I ate leftovers) & to buy some Maker's Mark, & got home in time to fatbutts & her dog Archie. Lilly had missed the Eleventh Doctor episodes with the Weeping Angels which is a bummer for her, but we plowed ahead with Doctor Who anyhow, watching "The Vampires of Venice" & "Amy's Choice." & hey, who should surprise us with a visit but Lilly's guyfella, James! Both of the Who episodes featured Amy Pond's relationship with her fiancé Rory. There were some clever flourishes with the vampire myth-- making fairy tales vaguely more scientific but still totally fairy tales seems to be a very Doctor Who thing-- & the bit with the Dream Lord was also really well done. & Rosanna's collar? Be still my heart! Not to mention that "vampires living in the canals" was the premise of my second Oubliette campaign. Bravo all around. Also, I never get tired of pointing out that I find Amy Pond much more attractive once Karen Gillan is able to act & user her incredible charisma. Yes! Then today, oh today. I've been pretty busy, but had a work-lunch at Rye House, which did fill my belly quite well.
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