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La Biblioteca.

(Picnic in Prospect Park on Decoration Day, photo by Kira D. I think.)

I was kind of a mess when I got home from work yesterday, so I blew off the gym in order to lay down on the living room floor & watch Robotech: The New Generation. That is what I did when I had the stomach flu, so I must have been feeling bad! I guess. I can't ever tell the difference between being hungry or sad or sick. Whatever, I felt bad! Sometimes Jenny tells me those are different things, but I don't know. I decided it would be a good idea for Jenny & me to go out on a date, so we did! We'd totally forgotten that Brooklyn Fish Camp exists, so we decided hey! That was the thing to do. I really dug the oysters-- Island Creek & Rocky Nook, I think. One of them-- again, I think the Nooks-- were really delightful. I totally want to start taking advantage of that place for happy hour oysters. Dinner was shrimp with fatoosh, & it wasn't what I wanted. I had to tear the heads off the shrimp, & the legs & all that. Not that it is a problem...but I like less work for my food. The waitress totally warned me, but I trudged ahead. I did have some serious hushpuppies, though. The women next to us were eating some really stinky mussels-- like, the kind of food that just smells disgusting, even though it tastes good-- & it wasn't my favorite. Still, I want to go again-- I'll probably concentrate on their oysters & their sandwiches, is all I'm saying. Afterward we grabbed some yogurt from Culture-- I had a parfait of raw honey, homemade granola & blackberries. Yeah, hell yeah, Team Hippie Park Slope! Then we came home & watched the finale of Fringe. I saw the final twist coming, but from here? I have no idea how it will go. Which is fun! & then, today. Nino brought me an iced coffee & a sewing machine for Jenny, & then the exterminator came, but otherwise I've been alone, watching Robotech season one Community bloopers. Now I ought to consider taking a shower or something. Pretending to be a real boy.
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