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Four Non-Concrete Blondes.

(2001: A Space Odyssey-inspired Pan Am art by Justin Van Genderen.)

At the gym last night, Terminator was on, & by extending the cardiovascular portions of the evening I managed to be there for the fight at the club-- a club charmingly named Tech-Noir-- & the line "come with me if you want to live," as well as the fight at the police station, the line "I'll be back," & the scenes of the grim post-apocalyptic future. Or I guess, apocalyptic future? If you are still fighting, I guess it isn't post-anything. That afternoon I'd also climbed twenty-two flights of stairs with a few co-workers; Vanessa, Ben & Liz. I mention this because today my calves are kind of sore! The fact that the rest of my muscles don't really get sore might mean I need to step up my fitness regimen. I don't know-- I'm on twenty resistance on the elliptical, & I think that is about right? & the jump from curling the seventy pound bar to the eighty pound bar is...stiff. I don't know, maybe I'll see what I can do. After that I came home & tried to get Thai food, only to find out that the place near us was...closed? I assume they got hit by the Health Department; they've been riding down my hood hard, giving stone cold failing grades where they were due. Yay for government regulation. Instead we got some burritos & then Jenny did some work while I read A Feast for Crows. Nice & boring; that is what I want more, just gym & books & Jenny. It seems like that should be a valid option! Then last night I dreamt I was a one man army-- though not an OMAC-- making my way through a castle/abandoned warehouse killing everyone I came across, using wooden pallets cross concrete block support walls where the drywall ceilings had collapsed. Death is coming, people in the dream castle. Tonight fordmadoxfraud & elladorian are coming over to watch Doctor Who-- specifically the episodes with the Weeping Angels-- & drink whiskey, which actually sounds quite lovely. David & Maggie are exempted from anti-social tendencies, of course.
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