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Hologram's Song.

I stayed out "late" last night to go to a surprise party for Radarless in Queens. You heard that right; I was actually in Queens! It happened. After work I hung out with Kat, arguing about text messages & trading old war wound stories, before heading out to Astoria. & I was late! I blamed the trains, but it was as much my fault for underestimating the transit time as anything else. We had dinner at Brick Cafe, at a soiree organized by Radarless' lady friend. toughlad & fordmadoxfraud were there, as were a bunch of Radarless' muggle friends. I definitely owed Radarless a visit; he comes to Brooklyn all the time, & came to my birthday, & I was excited for him to conquer his objectives! So Queens. I went there. I had a decent plate of pappardelle with salmon & asparagus in a brandy cream sauce & then it was time time time to go. I didn't end up leaving Queens till about ten o' clock, with David & James in tow, & we wound our we through to Brooklyn on the Q. There was a super hot girl on the train, & also a stalker girl who followed me back to my apartment all the qay from Queens! She lives in the building, as it turns out. Or is part of an ancient order of assassins. One of those. Jenny was still up when I got him, so I brushed my teeth & read until I was ready for bed.

I had a dream that I was at a concert somewhere & found out through rumors & gossip that there was a secret Godspeed You! Black Emperor concert in the same venue after the show I was at ended. Exciting news! I bought the very first ticket-- before they even had a chance to validate it with initials, but it worked out-- & stayed out late, even in my dream. By dream-logic Sophie Trudeau, GY!BE's violinist, is the same person as Melora Creager & Beth Gibbons, & I wasn't sure if I was a bad Portishead/Rasputina/Godspeed You! Black Emperor fan for not knowing that sooner or if I was a genius who had just figured it out before anyone else. During one of the longer songs that Sophie/Melora/Beth didn't have to play in, she came over to where I was, curled up with her head in my lap, & we looked at illuminated manuscripts. After the show, in the morning twilight, I wandered on wooden piers, lost. The show must have been on the West Side, or the Sea Port, or Williamsburg, or something, because I was out on the water, desperately trying-- in my sleepy half-drunk way-- to find a train to go home, any train. Instead I kept wandering from dock to dock thinking "oh I think this causeway leads back to land!" only to find myself stuck on another bobbing wooden jetty.

Otherwise, well. The parade of socializing just keeps on coming. More like a train, I guess-- just brutal. Last Wesnesday & this Tuesday I got together with porphyre. We ate in the park on Wednesday & I was all kinds of wrung out, & then we went to Rye House on Tuesday. Power lunches, that is my plan. I had one today with Pamela & her friend Tessa-- we went to the food carts & I had the sausage from Eataly's booth. Tomorrow is the last day for those guys-- I'll miss 'em! Pamela related an anecdote about the last time I was in The Wasteland-- we weren't talking at the time, but were sitting at a table together at a wedding, & I just started quoting the lyrics to Sting's "King of Pain," because it was on in the background. Sort of a Shatner-esque stammer. "I will always be. King of Pain." Apparently, that is the moment when she became friends with me again! So that happened. Now, I think I'm done with my social commitments, until Sunday, & I fully intend to embrace the solace solitude. Or I mean, Jenny. One of the major perks of being in love is that you can have alone time with someone else.
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