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(Mordicai & the Beer Here Morke Pumpernickle Porter, photo by Ryan L.)

After meeting up with Meggy yesterday, I settled in for a much more relaxing evening. Jenny was a little fussy & then I started getting a little fussy, right until I put food into our bellies. Thanks, Park Slope Ale House, for the catfish & the chicken pot pie. Also thanks to Rob Dyrdek & Rowdy Roddy Piper for making a mortifyingly funny half hour of television. We settled in after lunch to finish our books, & when that was done we cracked into a Magic Hat #9 & watched an episode of Fringe that was about Neo-Nazi gene-tailored poisons. All this was killing time till seven o' clock, when we went to Beer Table to meet up with onatopofthings, who was taking us out for our anniversary.

I started with the flight of beers they had on tap. There were two sours-- Bockor Cuvee des Jacobins was my favorite, but Jenny prefers the Bockor Old Lambic. The Schneider Weisse was a sweet wheat beer, & Ryan had a whole stein of it. The Etaler Dunkel was fine, but paired up with stranger drinks it sort of faded into the background. Stranger drinks like the Dupont Cidre Triple, which was a cider that the beer sommelier said was "like a farm." He was right; it was dirty & peaty & really, really interesting. A favorite. My other favorite was the BFM Abbaye de St. Bon Chien, which was...just crazy, really. A swirl of tastes, tannin & citrus &...just a riotous cacophony of flavours. The soda on the menu was the usual, Brooklyn Soda Works Apple Ginger, but it is a good palate cleanser, so I'm glad it was there. The cask was Firestone Walker Union Jack, which I liked, but I haven't quite developed a full appreciation for casks, yet. I had the three course meal there, as well-- arugala with pickled onions, parmagiano-reggiano & bacon, followed by a main course of thick cut caramelized bacon with fingerling potatoes & chives & then washed down with Il Laboratorio del Gelato Thai Chili Chocolate gelato, which was intense. I mean, break out in sweats spicy. Great stuff. We finished the meal off by splitting a big bottle of Beer Here Morke Pumpernickel Porter, which was just what the doctor ordered-- there wasn't anything pitch black on the flight, so I was itching for a little kick.

On the way back the three of us stopped into the Prospect Wine Shop to sort of drunkenly ask for advice about whiskey, or more specifically, bourbon, since we're increasingly finding that bourbon is what Jenny likes. We talked about it for a while & left with a bottle of Michter's US #1 Small Batch Bourbon, & we came back to our place to have a tasting & watch the season finale of Modern Family. Super cheesy, but that doesn't make it inaccurate. After that, Ryan went back to Queens & we went to bed. Today has been...well, nothing much happening. It is the sabbath, a break from all the business of the week & the weekend. I read a gaming book & then played a goofy little web game & made us breakfast-- espresso, bacon, eggs fried in bacon fat, & a salad of mixed greens with black berries & a balsamic vinaigrette. We watched an episode of Mythbusters while we ate-- a really good one, where they test out spy cars & a video on the internet about bullets spinning in ice. It turns out blades coming out of wheels on a spy car would totally work, as would machines guns mounted on them...& in a really surprising twist, that the bullet spinning like a top on the ice is totally confirmed as real. Crazy! We had a lunch of dumplings & I ran into Aubrey & her dude on the street. Came home to watch another episode of Fringe-- this one about the parallel universe & "quantum quakes" & it was pretty great. The fused-together guy was really disturbing-- it is hard to make something like that not seem silly, but they nailed it. Now to shower & gear up for the gym.
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