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Exterminate the Daffodils.

(Ann Ward for Vivienne Westwood Anglomania,
photo by Walter Sassard, messed with Iconian Fonts by me.)

You rescued Meggy! You get 100 XP & a Potion of Haste! Yeah, so that is a surprising, confusing & welcome start to my day. Meggy is in town & was having a bit of trouble finding the person putting her up during his visit, so I rubbed the sand from my eyes & went to go meet her at Tillie's in Fort Greene. Remember in The Anthropology of Magic, when Jonathan Raban discusses the magical map of a neighborhood, delineated by sometimes arbitrary boundaries? Well, Flatbush borders the map of my world, which isn't exactly arbitrary but certainly is true. Now that Kira & Nino live on the other side of it, I've slowly started getting a picture of what goes on in the Far Territories, so off I went on foot to hike over to where Meggy was. I got there before too long (I hope) & met Megatron for the first time! We've been internet buddies for over a decade, & it was nice to get a chance to finally have our corporeal avatars interact. We hung out for a bit-- I ate half her bagel-- & then when we were trying to figure out our next step, Megalodon's friend got a hold of her. Problem solved! I stuck around to see Meggy safely off & then home again, home again, jiggidy jig.

I had been asleep when Meggy called, for a number of reasons. I worked BEA all week, which is draining. In part because there is a lot of emotional labor-- of keeping your game face on at all times-- & in part because staying on your feet for nine hours is tiring. Still, I had a lot of fun-- I like schmoozing, & the nice thing about BEA is that it is professionals only, so there aren't a lot of riff-raff. Which sounds like a jerk thing to say, when I put it like that-- more I mean that when someone approaches you, nine times out of ten they aren't trying to scam you. The other reason I was still asleep at seven thirty in the morning is because I'd been up late at Kira & Nino's watching the Game of Thrones episode that aired on Sunday, since we didn't get a chance to on Sunday. Yep, shit got real, but then, that is why I like the Song of Ice & Fire-- shit is always hitting the fan. I thought it was a good episode of Arya; the actress handles that sword well. Dinner was from Geido-- we got a ton of sashimi & appetizers & split the whole thing. Earlier in the day I had gotten lunch at Rye House with Pierce & lemuriapress. I drank a couple of beers from Sierra Nevada-- I didn't know they made decent craft beers. Sierra Nevada Torpedo is a pine tasting IPA & Sierra Nevada Ovila Abby Dubbel is a pretty malty Belgian. We talked about their forthcoming miniatures & a bevvy of less work related things. It was lovely.

Wednesday was Television Night, & the finale of America's Next Top Model! Well, I suppose the finale was the week before, but we didn't watch it & luckily we hadn't seen or heard any spoilers. Jenny was a bit mad at me for being late-- a mixture of my new summer hours, a farewell drink at Bar Stuzzinchini for Sara T., & a finicky telephone is a recipe for disaster. We split four pieces of pizza for dinner-- a lasagna slice, a broccoli & chicken, a buffalo chicken & a vodka sauce slice. The crew was-- in order of appearance, not counting Jenny & myself-- onatopofthings, elladorian & fordmadoxfraud. Ryan brought a bottle of wine, which we drank first, & then David brought Irish whiskeys for us to taste-- Red Breast 12 Year was my favorite, but there was also Knappogue Castle, which everyone made fun of me about because when I said "can I see it?" I meant "please show me the label" & not "hand it to me," so when they handed it to me I looked at it cock-eyed. I guess you had to be there? Or not; I didn't think I acted weird but they insisted I had. Anyhow, so Brittani won, which she sort of had to, didn't she? She was by far the best, though a lot of the other competitors would make acceptable models. Like-- some of them were boring television, but so what? Go be a model, okay. There was also a dramatic reading of Tyra's fantasy novel, which sounds either insanely crazy or insanely awful. We finished up with an episode of Doctor Who-- "Victory of the Daleks," the one with...well, with the Daleks in WWII. It was pretty boring, but I continue to like it & I'm very excited for quantum Weeping Angels & River Song next week.
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