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Now Let Me Give It to the Monster!

(Bride of Frankenstein, photos by retroatelier.)

Woke up at three o' clock in the morning after an vivid dream about...a Frankenstein musical. A stunning stage production, heavily re-imagined-- the Doctor, for instance, was a girl-- Beatrice Frankenstein, & her muse was a man named Virgil. Heavy allusions to The Divine Comedy intermingled with the usual Faust references. Instead of lightning, breath was what made the Monster rise. There was an intensely sensual dance sequence between Beatrice Frankenstein & Virgil-- sort of a tango, with raqs sharqi elements, as well as a strong burlesque side-- & when the tension had built to a climax, Doctor Frankenstein said "Now, let me give it to the Monster!" & dropped to her knees straddling the massive body, kissing it on the mouth. Just then, all the light bulbs in the room flicked & burst, & there was a smell of burning ozone, but in that last flash of light you could say the toes of the Monster curl, the back arch. Everyone in the audience loudly gasped, taken by surprise-- the Monster had looked to be a man nine feet tall & was perfectly, utterly still-- everyone thought it was a prop. The lights stayed out & suddenly there was a rushing & everyone fell to the floor in a tangle of limbs, knocked off their seats. The ushers had run through the floor, pushing people over, upending their seats. That was the signal for intermission-- & we filed out, totally disrupted.
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