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Crown Me King plus Queen plus Goblins.

First things first, Jenny found the missing Cossack dagger that Radarless gave me. It had fallen into a strange middle-world in the closet, behind her shoes or something. Also pictured, the Star Wars Crawl pillow Jenny got me for X-mas last year. So that was one minor victory for Sunday! Another was that I finished A Storm of Swords, though that was followed by the minor defeat wherein I realized I was wrong about having a copy of The Handmaid's Tale in the apartment. Still, that is next! Or will be when I lay hands on it. Otherwise the morning was spent running a few errands-- oh & I cooked a breakfast of polenta, bacon & eggs. As a treat for a day well done Jenny & I went to Soigne for dinner-- a restaurant we'd passed a month before & made a mental note to go back to. Park Slope is a funny place-- because Soigne is on 6th Avenue & 11th Street, it seems like it is in "the middle of nowhere." Just a crossroads of residential streets! We had a lovely time, though. I started with a Keegan Ales Mother's Milk, a decent milk stout that was perhaps a little too sweet for my taste, but not a fault of the brew. For an amuse-bouche we were brought some puffed cheesey bread & a little bowl of split pea soup with crackled cheese & crème fraiche. We ordered a charcuterie plate for an appetizer, with...I wish I could remember what pâtés & all there were. There was duck rillette, & cornichons, balsamic reduction, that sort of thing. I ordered a sirloin steak which came with whipped spinach & sunchokes, with some delicious onion rings. The onion was thick & the batter golden. Jenny had some pea raviloi, with a frothy cream sauce, & those were good too. We finished up with some whisky-- Jenny had some Knob Creek & thinks she might like bourbon? I had Johnny Walker Black, since I don't think I ever have, but I don't want to buy a bottle of it or anything. We closed up the night with some Fringe & some Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA. Jenny one of my toenails green & when I went into the shower this morning I thought I'd broken my toe!
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