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Little Fingerlakes.

(Me & Olivia, aged six months, photo by Jenny.)

Sunday morning was marked by bagels & Saturday Night Live, as I mentioned. We only watched half of the SNL episode, but of all of it I think only the Michael Bolton sketch was any good. Oh wait, & Stefan! After that, Jenny seized the computer to plot her devious way through BEA, so I broke out the Wii & played a little bit of Lego Harry Potter & the Batman: the Brave & the Bold game. Just basically killing time. I didn't want to read, because I wasn't really feeling the book I was reading, so I was in a bit of a holding pattern. For lunch I made meatballs subs, & they actually turned out really well-- I snuck them up on Jenny, too, so it was a fun surprise. & then speaking of out of the blue funtimes, Kira & Nino were in the neighborhood looking at apartments, so they dropped Olivia off with us. We played peekaboo & then also I practiced scaring her. She apparently likes that! Kira & Nino picked her up & left so that Jenny & I could shower...before going over to Kira & Ninos' apartment. Tra la la, yep. We picked up a bottle of raspberry lambic-- I can't recall whose, but not Lindeman's-- & a bottle of lambrusco, since Kira was cooking lamb sausages. Get it? Lambic, lambrusco? Har de har har! The dinner was great, though-- lamb sausage, some steak, yogurt salad & then salad greens with asparagus. None to shabby! After that we watched Game of Thrones. I think the plot of the book starts with Catelyn's arrest of Tyrion, so things are about to get real. The show is growing on me; I was really excited to see the three-eyed crow; I predict that crow is Benjen Stark, by the way. Dinklage continues to nail it & Jenny pointed out that Maisie Williams would make an awesome protagonist in a lot of "warrior girl" YA adaptations. She's pretty great as Arya, is the point, & Arya is a pretty great character. & that was about it; we got home at eleven o' clock, which is late for us, & tumbled into bed.
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