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Up in the Sky.

(Action Comics #869, November 2008 by Gary Frank.) know what, I never did notice that Clark Kent was wearing his glasses & his S-shield here. Thanks for pointing that out, Chris Sims. I'm of the opinion that there are three personas involved in the Superman story. SUperman is the guy in the outfit, saving the day. Clark Kenk is the secret identity, the humanizing element. There is another Clark Kent though-- the boy who grew up in Smallville & is married to Lois & calls his Ma ever weekend. That is the "real" Superman-- though there is always Kal-El, which I think maybe Superman might be when he is alone in the Fortress of Solitude, the inhuman Kryptonian. Anyhow, the glasses & the costume-- that isn't something you see all that frequently, nor do you see Clark without the glasses. That is interesting, & is something that a good visual artist can play with to great effect, as Frank does here. Also, looking at the preview for Action Comics #900-- I've never seen "Cyborg Superman" Hank Henshaw in the same panel as "Steel" aka John Henry Irons. That is a clever pairing; there is ground there to capitalize on, too. I don't know, just something I was distracted by really quick, & wanted to jot off a note, because Superman is really, really great. The best part of fiction for almost a century.
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