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"Lazy Day," directed by John Woo.

(Action Comics Volume 1 #296 "The Invasion of the Super-Ants!", art by Al Plastino.)

I've been so obsessed with reading Game of Thrones this week that I haven't really done anything. I mean, I just sort of come home & sit on the couch. I've watched a couple of television shows-- mostly while I've eaten, since then my hands were occupied with food, rather than a book. Cougar Town is back, which is nice; lots of fun wordplay humor, including changing "kick-ass" to a negative statement, & a call back to the "imaginary opera gloves" joke. How I Met Your Mother was a decent "Barney needs to have character development" episode, but is it too little, too late? Barney needed to have character growth a season ago. That really is just about all I've done, though I've been decent about going to the gym. Not for as long as I'd like-- an hour, an hour & ten minutes & an hour & fifteen-- but if I can work myself up to go today or tomorrow, I'll count it a rousing success. While I've been on the elliptical, I've seen bits of The Sarah Conner Chronicles on Siffy-- I quit watching that show because it wasn't any good, & from what I've seen it didn't ever get any better. No loss there. Today I took the day off work-- I've got some vacation that expires at the end of the month, so it is sort of a "smoke if you got 'em" situation. All I've done so far is play some Lego Harry Potter, but hey, somebody has to. The game won't play itself is all I'm saying. On my lunch dates I have largely been accompanied by Brian, but the other day I had lunch with comeuppances & Caroline. Sarah gave me Troop Beverly Hills wrapped up in black ribbon & peacock feathers, on account of my well documented alliance with Jenny Lewis. Really, that about sums up my week in a nutshell.

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