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(Power Girl #23, art by Sam Basri, writing by Judd Winick.)

Actually, a busy Sunday, despite my every effort to make it as lazy as possible. I woke up after a spat of strange dreams-- I was still in Las Vegas when the aliens came, & it was a Hotel Rawanda-type situation, everyone stuck in the resort. The aliens were the Covenant from Halo, maybe? & I was either on the alien's side, or I was a total bad-ass. There were people telling horror stories & I just nodded along in faux sympathy, while minutes before I'd been blazing away with a shotgun. The previous year's trip to Vegas had been spoiled by a biblical plague of frogs! Back in meat-world, the morning was laid back, just me fooling around with Lego Harry Potter & blogging a little bit. Picked up some stuff at the grocery store & Jenny made bacon & eggs. At noon, Nino came over to drop off Olivia, & then Jenny & I babysat her for a while. Carla came over in the middle of that to keep us company & to meet Olivia, & then Kira came over to pick of Liv & take her away. See? Pretty busy so far, right? Well, I'm not even done! When Kira & Olivia left, Jenny & Carla & I went out to meet Kenneth at The Park Slope Ale House for lunch & drinks. Then when that was done we split ways, I played a bit more video game & then I...went to the gym! I was wavering, my will was weak, but I went deep & found the black bloodthirsty steel in my spine. Nothing much, just did an hour, but that is because Jenny said she wanted to go tonight. Two days in a row would be a nice feather in my cap, don't you think? Waterworld was on while I was doing my cardio-- that...isn't a very good movie, is it? No, it isn't. Came home & Jenny had made stew! I had a glass of whiskey & then we settled in to watch some leftover television. 30 Rock was...well, what 30 Rock is. Parks & Recreation, on the other hand, was brilliant. Ron called Julia Roberts "that toothy girl from Mystic Pizza," which cracked me the heck up. Not to mention that the whole stupid sappy plot of the episode totally made me "aww." So, after some successful television, then it was time to bed. When I mentioned to Jenny that I thought we'd done a lot for such a lazy day, she replied "who said it was a lazy day?" Well...okay, fair enough.
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