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Ripped from the Womb.

(Nick, me, Jocelyn, Brian & Justin, photo by Kat C.)

Being born is something other people do, but still we have a day to celebrate the occasion when the doctor's descended with their knives to cut me free from the flesh, the way Auðumbla licked the world into being from ice. After a lovely lunch with Aubrey at Rye House, I came back from the saltmines to meet with Jenny & then head to Mission Dolores to celebrate with a dozen-few of my friends. It was quite the do! Anyone who was anybody or anything was there. I won't even play riddle me who; suffice to say, a nice time. The weather didn't co-operate, but that was alright; once we got a few drinks into us, the cold didn't matter so much. I had a Jolly Pumpkin Madrugada Obscura, which was a...sour stout? That was nice; something for Jenny to enjoy, & for me to like, too! Another winner was wolvus' recommendation, the Scaldis Cuvee Des Trolls. A popular beer with a chunk of the crew was the Arcadia Sky High Rye which they said tasted like grapefruit, & in fact tasted exactly like grapefruit. The other drink popular throughout the night was the Speakeasy Payback Porter Ritual Coffee, which was an ass-kicking dark coffee stout. The Avery DuganA Imperial IPA was a nice IPA, & the last drink of the evening for me was the Allagash Black; a nice dark beer, & thematically resonant with the delicious Allagash White. Jenny & I slipped out like ghosts without saying goodbye; it is my way! Anyhow, I stayed out till like, almost midnight! It was quite the fête, though I spent a good portion of it talking about people's boobs. Whatever, secondary sex characteristics are pretty interesting. Now, lets have a rundown of the loot!

onatopofthings got me the Absolute Death, which is a hell of a title.

elladorian & fordmadoxfraud got me Jung's deathbed Red Book.

Jenny got me some video games...

...& a bunch of globes, too...

...& a little Count Orlock dish & a notebook with a gun on the cover.

Someone gave me candy? I think Radarless?

wolvus & kromelizard wrapped their gifts with care...

...Peter gave me Mike Carey's The Unwritten...

...& Alicia gave me Cyclonopedia, which she says my clone wrote. Also a notebook.

Dante got me a t-shirt with a skull on it, & toughlad got me a Panther-esque headband.

Carla & Kenneth got me some Michter's Single Barrel Straight Rye Whiskey, which I'm drinking right now.
Tags: birthday, holiday, loot, photos

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