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Power Overwheming.

(Power Girl #26, art by Sami Basri.)

I like Power Girl a lot, but there are some...serious issues with her. No, not her boob window; I am on the team that says "some people have huge boobs, deal with it-- at least her boobs are acknowledged as being big, unlike the gross art in the rest of the comic book world." No, her problems are two fold. One, the diminutive. "Girl." You don't see any adult male superheroes called "boy." Heck, Spider-Man actually is a boy (depending on continuity this week...) & they even call him a man. The flip side of this is that "man" & "boy" & "girl" all have one syllable, a solid punch. Power Woman sounds...more constructed than Power Girl. It makes her sound like an alternate version of Wonder Woman, not an alternate version of Superman. Speaking of, that is Power Girl's other problem-- lack of a mythic punch to her narrative. I mean, you can sum up Superman in four panels-- as Morrison showed-- & you could do the same with Batman-- has anyone yet?-- or Spider-Man. Power Girl? She's a mess-- alternate Supergirl? From another dimension? Who was retconned to be...a magical Atlantean? She shares a lot of baggage with Huntress-- is she Batman & Catwoman's daughter? From the future? Another dimension? A crazy Catholic? A mob daughter gone vigilante? Who can say! They are fallout from the various Crisises. Now-- some stories have made good use of this, like JSA talking about her conflicting back history during a medical check-up, or her recent pre-Infinite Crisis or post-Final Crisis arcs. That set me thinking...what to do with Power Girl? I think a solid origin could really anchor her. Last Survivor of a Doomed Universe, rather than a Doomed Planet? Eh, too narrow. My solution-- at least the one I just came up with-- is to make her the Superwoman whose Krypton never blew up. Well, sidebar. I like the idea of the fifty-two alternate Earths. It has a ring to it. My caveat is that I think in addition to those Earths there should be one Apokalips & only one New Genesis. & I think that maybe in one of those fifty-two universes there should be a Krypton that didn't explode, & maybe Power Girl should come from there? Traveling the multiverse to right wrongs? Sort of like what Booster Gold is doing with time travel, only with parallel dimensions. It is just-- when I look at Power Girl, I see a deconstructed Superman. You know, like Alan Moore's Supreme run. I think that is the direction Power Girl should go.
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