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Everything! Must! Go!

Remember last month when I was wigging out about how to set up my cell phone? Well, it is that time again! Jenny said she was having a hard time with my wake-up alarm, "Born Secular" by Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins. This is very, very sad, because I really like it! It puts pep in my step! It starts the day off right! If you don't know by now that I very much like Jenny Lewis, you are hopeless. Still, Jenny says the lyrics wake her up, & she does cover the lamp in scarves when she reads at night, so I owe her one. So of course...I spent all lunch break & ever since I got home messing around on the site iphisol showed me, Myxer. It is a handy little ringtone maker, that site. I replaced Aang from Avatar the Last Airbender saying "they do get their mail on time!" as my text message alert, which is sad, but instead I put a Sword & Sworcery LP bonus track in its place, of the Scythian saying "ugh, rainbows...", which is so, so good. I'm still deciding on what to set as my alarm now. Right now the front runner is the opening music to "The Big Guns", because if I can't have one nihilistic Jenny Lewis song, I'll have another! I teased Jenny that it might be a Protomen song, but I actually did convert the begining thrash of "The Fall", though it is probably a little too kick ass to use every day. Another option is the opening riff of "The Prettiest Weed" from Sword & Sworcery, which would either be overdoing it, or make the whole theme come together. I'll probably leave the Jenny Lewis there, though. I did cut the intro to "Born Secular," just the snare drums & organ, & I might use that. Anyhow, while I was doing this, it started raining like someone slit the belly of the sky with a knife, so I called off going to the gym. Jenny is over at Kira & Nino's & I made myself a dinner of...melted brie & ricotta on an English muffin & some stove-top stuffing. I'm a real piece of work, huh?
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