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Here Comes the Man of Tomorrow.

("The Search for Swamp Thing" #2 by Marco Castiello.)

I really like it when Kryptonians are drawn with that nimbus of power, with red death pouring from their eyes. That element of menace is what really sells their alien nature & the potential for that inhumanity is what puts Superman & the rest into such sharp relief. Speaking of comics, I've been thinking a lot about the stunted "next generation" of comic book heroes. I mean, take Robin. Lots of people know who Robin is, & a bunch of the even know that is name is Dick Grayson & he is the son of murdered acrobats. A very small subset of people know who Jason Todd is, but at least Jason Todd carved out some mythic territory as either "the Robin who died" or "the Robin who became evil." Fair enough. Tim Drake? Sorry, he's got nothing. A girl Robin-- Stephanie or Carrie-- would have some cache, & I think Damian is great. I'm getting off topic though. My point is, people know about Robin, but they don't know anything about Nightwing. Which is a shame-- "Robin grows up" is a good story. Still, in a world where no one gets old, it is hard to find a niche. Batman is always going to be in his prime, because that is the nature of a mythic tale. That doesn't prevent there from being "Batman past his prime" stories like The Dark Knight Returns, though. That has always been my solution-- I think there should be a loose sort of "future" stories, where the protégés have come into their own. The thing that I think most is that the "Big Three" should really have a lot more cross-over with each other's sidekicks. I mean, Nightwing has it right there in his name; Nightwing was the name of the Kryptonian "Batman"-style noir hero that Superman sometimes impersonates when he's in Kandor. I think Nightwing should be a Gatchaman-esque Science Ninja, complete with state of the art Kryptonian technology. Supergirl also fits in-- she was trained at Themiscyra, the Paradise Island of Wonder Woman & the Amazons. That angle should totally be played up. Which means that to complete the cycle all we need is for a Wonder Woman sidekick to become Robin, right?
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