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Vote for Murder Machine.

After we ate breakfast, I sort of wandered about in a haze, playing video games here & there. I played some GoldenEye, but the host kept quitting, so I stopped that. I realized it was a new moon, which meant that the dark moon reigned in Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, so I got on there & got down to business. You know what? I didn't fight the Grizzled Boor-- I wonder if I screwed things up by not getting my bloodlust on. I don't want to miss the One Eyed Jack's concert! Anyhow, I got the Dark Moon Trigon, go me. After that I finished my book & then Jenny & I went to the gym. I don't know if I'm going to be lounging by the pool on this trip, but you know. Always an option. I am hoping that when I wake up too early, on account of the time zones, I will use the morning to hit the Red Rock gym. That is my plan anyway. We came home & I was killing time when I realized that Beer Table's twitter was listing a number of appealing beers. I mentioned that I wished I could go, & Jenny wisely pointed out that, well, we were adults, & we could go if we wanted. Oh yeah! Being a grown up is awesome, I forgot! & so like that, we were off! We split a flight of their draughts-- so, let me rattle them off real quick: Shelenkerla Oak Smoke, which is the only one they make that isn't smoked with beech, Great Divide Grand Cru, which was an ass-kicking beer & one of the top two, Dieduciel! Corne Du Diable, which is from Montreal but I liked it anyway, Hopfenstarr Postcolonial, which was also from Montreal & had a great name but was just so-so, Schneider Aventinus Eisbock which was awesome & smelled like sushi & was the other favorite, Founders Double Trouble which smelled like marijuana & made me think of all those other IPAs that smelled like pot at Beers for Beasts, & Thornbridge Wild Swan, which was a really, really delicate cask...lager? Nuts. As I've said before, I think domestic beers have ruined lagers for me. We also had a Brooklyn Soda Works Apple Ginger soda in the mix, which was a nice palate cleanser. I also...splurged. There was an expensive bottle I'd been eyeballing-- the Goose Island Bourbon County Rare, which...well, you know how much I like the regular Bourbon County Stout from them, right? I would have let it pass me by, except the guy working there reminded me that Anheuser-Busch bought them; end of an era, huh? So we shelled out the fifty bucks & brought it home. Call it an early birthday present? Then Jenny made dinner-- salmon & arugula-- & watched an episode of Archer. I'm stuck in that netherworld of trying to remember what I forgot to pack.

Tags: beers, superbrothers, television, video games

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