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The Kneedle.

(Screen capture from the MS Paint Adventures Homestuck page "[S] ==>" by Andrew Hussie.)

My sword is heavy & my brown is damp with golden chrism, back a mess of aches like cracked porcelain. Alive in America! After lunch with Marie & Eliot yesterday, I finished up my work week-- it was a pretty quiet Friday, & all I had on my agenda was to get my stuff in order for Vegas next week. I'm going to Las Vegas for a conference, & Jenny is coming along for a vacation-- I guess I haven't mentioned that. Friday night was Sam's birthday, though, so I trundled on over to The Way Station to meet up with the crew. The bar ended up being further away than I thought-- I figured it was close to Kira & Nino's apartment, or at least the same sort of distance away, but it was in fact a decent stone's throw farther. No worries, though-- the weather had been a mess all day but had cleared up by the time I headed out. I utterly failed in the "dressing steampunk" category though; I totally forgot. I figured I'd toss on a vest, maybe the tie that kromelizard & wolvus got for me with the alchemical symbols on it, but it slipped my mind. A shame, because a decent chunk of the people who showed up did dress appropriately. I hate not being a sport! Way Station was cute-- if you don't know about it, it has vaguely steampunk décor & a TARDIS bathroom, as well as a list of Doctor Who themed cocktails. The bartenders were friendly, but it is worth noting that they only have one beer on tap at a time-- a hand pumped keg! I don't know if that will change-- I assume that if they are successful that it will-- but it gave me an excuse to order a martini. It wasn't served straight up, but in a lowball, though I'm not complaining-- toughlad's whiskey was served in a little tea cup, too. Ecclectic, to say the least, but kind of charming & homey. I haven't seen some of the acquaintances of mine there in a while-- Bill, Phillipe, those folks-- but ended up spending most of the evening with James, Tracey & Alexei. Ordered food from Plan B-- that is a weird name for a restaurant, right? Tracey & I split a French dip & a cheese steak. Came on home, & was glad for the walk. Fresh air! This morning hasn't been more of anything-- watched an episode of Batman: The Brave & the Bold that featured Scooby-Doo & Weird Al Yankovic as the special guests, so that was cute. Otherwise, today I have to pack & go to the gym.
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