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You Are Not a Free Man, You Are a Number. (35)

The Prisoner: Shattered Visage by Dean Motter, Mark Askwith & David Honung.

A unique blazer,
pennyfarthing badged, said "6."
Laughed. "Be seing you."

So, this exists, huh? That is just about all I have to say about it. It is apparently an "authorized sequel," but that doesn't count for much in my book. Apparently Patrick McGoohan "didn't hate" the comic, which is fine-- I don't hate it either-- but again, that doesn't count for much. The Prisoner was an amazing work of television-- it is in my top five, right along side Twin Peaks-- & trying to create a sequel decades later...well, is a fool's errand. You can't capture lightning in a bottle twice. Notably, it takes the ultimate psychadelic finale, "Fall Out," & dismisses it as a drug induced piece of theater. Nope. Let me stop you right there-- no. Too easy by half. You don't get to take the challenging bit of a story & just drop it because you feel like it. "Oh, my, this is confusing & problematic, best just ignore it" is missing the whole point of The Prisoner. It is like...writing a comic book sequel to Twin Peaks & saying "oh, Cooper had dementia, all those weird dreams were just too...weird." Come on, really? No, no thank you. It wasn't bad, mind you-- it would have made an alright episode of The Prisoner, maybe-- but because it came after the fact, it just couldn't pass muster. In the end analysis, it reads like what it was-- a comic of its period. It was publishing in 1988, five years before the Vertigo imprint, but the patina is unmistakably there. & speaking of pareidolia...I grabbed a copy of Locus with Patrick Rothfuss on the cover, since suenoverde has been going on & on about him, singing his praises. I read this story in the form of individual issues, & when I set them down to flip through them before writing this, I couldn't help but notice the uncanny similarity between Number Two & Rothfuss...isn't that uncanny...

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