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New Batman Villain: Murder of Crows.

Doesn't this still from Cowboys Versus Aliens look like it could be a still from a Shadow of the Colossus movie? I mean-- it would be a terrible movie, since there would be characters, & a Shadow of the Colossus movie shouldn't have any characters-- Just Wander, Argo, a dead Mono, & the voice of Dormin. Alright, fine, Emon can show up at the end, but you know what I mean. Still, it looks like two guys fighting Phalanx, the thirteenth colossi, doesn't it? Maybe that is just the way my version of pareidolia works-- I see Shadow of the Colossus & ICO everywhere! Let's get down to brass tacks, shall we? Yesterday. Alright, yesterday, nothing much went on. I came home, killed some time, & then went to the gym, where Jenny later met me. I put in an hour & a half, so...good for me, I guess. I didn't really do anything in particular; no target areas or anything. Just kept chipping away at the glacier with my black blade of disaster. Then I trundled home, after picking up some hot wings, & Jenny & I watched another episode of Castle. It was a courtroom drama case, & it led to the show taking itself a little bit too seriously as a procedural. Like-- real, court clerk, you are shocked to find out that jury tampering is a serious offense? & really, cops, you are just going to ignore her jury tampering? Pull the other one. That sums it up, really. I sort of had in my head a list of things I would do at home: what I would read, what I'd straighten up, all that jazz, but it was too late. I looked up at the clock & it was bedtime, just like that, all of a sudden. Today my stomach has been troubling me-- rumble grumble-- but Marie took me to a nice lunch so it could calm down. She took me out to Balthazar, which I'd never been to before, & brought Eliot too! I ate calf's lever with onions, bacon & mashed potatoes. It was...fine? Not amazing, just fine. Check that box off! Eliot was fun; Marie & I made a game of hiding his toy lion, passing him back & forth under the table & setting him up when Eliot wasn't looking. Cute. We stopped by Scholastic so Eliot could ride the Clifford the Big Red Dog machine, & then parted ways.
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