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We must have been eleven years old in my dream; stuck in the nebulous forever-childhood of our tweens. There were three of us, having a slumber party at the home of another kid. What was the joke? To turn off all the lights & say Candyman over & over? The thing is, you can't have little warlock nephilim Mordicai sitting around without the occasional supernatural consequence. The television came on-- only there wasn't a tv in the room. Instead, the wall flickered like cathode ray tubes were embedded, behind the wallpaper, showing snow, static in glistening black & white. The light filtered through the paper showed that we weren't alone in the room-- someone was there with us, all dressed in bondage gear-- "Pinhead!" shouted one of the other kids, & Hellraiser cenobite sounds about right. The television exploded, sparks igniting the wall, & we rushed around putting it out with a fire extinguisher. The boy who was hosting the party said it was his older brother, dressed up in his "parent's stuff," but I knew better. Shamanism can happen on accident, you know. Later I stayed up late, long after the other kids had fallen asleep, talking to his mother about her fetishes, innocently. You could feel the gate to hell, still open, lurking behind the glass of the televisions, the mirrors, the windows. Later, I was in a classroom-- older now, as old as the current Mordicai ought to be, thirty something. I was sitting at a desk, a classroom desk, hanging out with my high school crush. She & I were doing the usual catching up stuff, but rather than being interminable small talk, it was going really well. We both had things that were worth saying to one another; how rare is that? This part of the dream went on for a while-- just vague positive social memories, I guess. Weird. I wanted my old flame to meet Jenny, so I went to go find her. Jenny was taking a shower, locked in the attic bathroom of some decrepit old mansion, so I shimmied up the drainage pipe, jimmied the window open (steam billowing out), crawled into the room & then slipped into the shower with Jenny. Nothing sexual went on, we just took a shower together, & then I woke up.
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