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Keeping Up With the Kenobis.

(Kat, Mordicai & Matt in "Empire Strikes Back State of Mind," photo by Brian M.)

I am super hungry, as I sit here waiting for Kat to come down & pick me up to go rustle up some grub. Funny, the same situation happened yesterday! I've been pretty good about getting salads for lunch; of course, when I go on lunch dates that goes out the window somewhat, but that isn't my concern. I'm just trying to built a better default, create superior habits. Exceptions don't concern me. Alright-- through the miracle of the written word, I've gone to pick up a salad & I have returned. Recorded language-- it sure is crazy. Just like time travel. Yesterday was...nothing much! I thought we were going to the gym, but Jenny called it off. That was no problem for me, since I'd gone the day before, but it does mean that we'll have to go tonight! Instead, we ordered a whole mess of sushi from Mura & stayed in. Mura has good sushi, & is really close to why do we hardly ever go there or order from there? A mystery. While we ate we watched Castle, which was a soap opera spoof with Corbin Bernsen as a guest star. I have a hatefondness for Corbin Bernsen since he was a psychopath contestant on Celebrity Mole-- both seasons! Checking my email, I saw something neat: Caroline offered to write a few sentences to anyone who would provide her the name of a new colour & three random words, so I gave her Sapoil & the words "Rickshaw, Dandelion, & Maw." She came up with: "would that i were a dandy riding to the torture garden a rickshaw. catherine deneuve drops dandelions one by one into her delicately gaping maw while giving me the side-eye, the interior of each iris riddled with tendrils of sapoil and violet." After that, I just played around on Sword & Sworcery some more; I'm playing through it au naturel this time, along with the real phases of the moon, & along the way I'm taking a bunch of screenshots, because that is how I roll.

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