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Sunday, Bloody Sunday.

Sunday was spent in recovery from Beers for Beasts. Not that we were a disaster, but we were due a day to spend in our pajamas, just lazing around, not doing much of anything. I made breakfast-- slices of sausage atop circles of fried polenta with a side of arugula salad-- & we watched 30 Rock, which was a solid Jack episode. Oh, & the Aaron Sorkin cameo was fantastic-- the walk-&-talk, the Studio 60 jab, everything. Oh Sorkin, you'll always have some credit with me, because you made Sports Night, & that show was amazing, & helped me get the girl. Good for you. The rest of the day was spent...well, mostly playing Settlers of Catan on the iPad. The computer is...the computer is smart, dang it. I'm not sure the iPad is the best format for it-- Jenny & I abandoned the idea of keeping secrets from each other, so it worked. Out of four games, I won one & the computer won the rest; they are killer, really. Each has their own quirk-- some love buying cards, building roads, building cities, playing Knights, &c. We ate some Thai food for late lunch/early dinner & watched a little clip of Don't Mess With the Zohan. Crap, that is a real movie, huh? We got five minutes of old Jewish people using homophobic Yiddish slurs, & then ten minutes of Adam Sandler & John Turturro acting like goofballs. So...not a secret screen gem, then. Otherwise, phew, I played some GoldenEye? I just play the "GoldenEye" multiplayer now; I like having objectives besides just killing each other. It forces people to make choices, & introduces a nice layer of complexity. Oh, & I re-started my game of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, with the intention of playing it "au natural," without resorting to meta-game actions like changing the iPads internal clock, or using the Moon Grotto, as was suggested. Who, me, obsessive, no. I'm not trawling the internet for interesting reviews just to bask vicariously in their glow. Not me! Anyhow; that is how I managed to waste the day away-- & I woke up at six o' clock, even.
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