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& Morgoth came.

I'm pretty certain I'm going to dress as the Gogolithic Mass (the deathless spectre beneath Mingi Taw) for my Halloween costume. Sort of a rehashing on my classic Nazgûl costume, sure, but that is how I roll. Insubstantial terrors made of glistening darkness? Why, that is how I self-identify! So the big black satin cape I inherited from the trunk of T.'s car so many moons ago will form the core of the outfit, & a black nylon will black out my face. Just have to make sure I get a big enough one so my skull isn't crushed. Then I'll buy a set of those "skeleton gloves," I know those exist-- those black gloves with the plastic bones on the outside lining the finger? Yeah. Then all I need is a giant plastic deer skull. Those must exist, right? I really hope they do, though I guess I could always experiment with paper mache or something. I tried browsing for a plastic deer skull just now but all I found was a super virus-y website, so I had to back off. I'll try again later. Maybe I should learn to walk on stilts, or like those miniature stilts? ...Okay, maybe not. Still! I have an idea for a Halloween costume-- the last few years I have just sort of grabbed my lightsaber & been like "no costume, what. What do you mean." or put on a cape & some other stuff & been like "oh, I thought this event was a fancy dress event, this isn't a costume, this is just what I wear when I get dressed to the nines." So yeah, I am still jazzed about Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, you betcha. I got it in my bones, I've got it in my blood, man! That is how good storytelling works-- it is a philosophical disease, an infectious piece of mythology. They put their thoughts in my head; we're talking psionics here! The potent stuff.
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