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Symbiote Saga. (31, 32)

Echo by Terry Moore, issues 1-12.

Crawling on your skin,
like glass, or a million bugs,
is the Omega.

I've never read Strangers in Paradise. I realize that is probably a huge hole in my comic book knowitall armor, but there it is. Part & parcel with that is the fact that I have no preconceptions about Terry Moore-- one way or another. Is Echo totally different than the bulk of his work? Beats me. I do like it, though-- it is a story about people in an extraordinary situation, doing ordinary things. Our protagonist is a woman with real world problems-- a pending divorce, money issues, that sort of thing-- who finds herself showered with fragments of a nanomolecular super-soldier suit. Sure, it sounds silly when you say it out loud, but Echo never does. It deals with things straight faced while keeping a sense of humor, & it pays off by giving a vibe of verisimilitude. THe reflective paint on issue one helps, too-- I just like it, okay? The villain-- hold on, I should say the antagonist-- of the book is a super detective, a woman hot on heroes trail thanks to her super sleuthing. Here is the thing-- the antagonist makes a plausible case for having the heroe's best interests at heart, & I am not sure whether or not to believe her! That sense of mystery, that tension, hangs throughout the book-- taking a character at face value is likely to backfire. The pack of bikers-- good guys. Don't get preconceptions. & what is in the protagonist's secret box? What's in the booooox? I'm curious, I gotta tell you. Our heroine is paired with a sidekick, a park ranger, who has a mysterious connection to her. Well-- it isn't so mysterious to the reader, once you get a few issues in, any way. In tone & tenor? This reminds me a lot of Y: The Last Man. I liked it!
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