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Magic-User Blues.

Do you want to know the trick to getting wizards to like you? I mean, there is a certain knack to it, but it is pretty easy. The key is to manage your own business. Have your problems dealt with before they roll into town. If you keep running to them like a cry baby, they'll just be pissed. Wizards are subtle & quick to anger, guys. Take care of your situation, & they'll appreciate it. You run up to them all "help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope!" or whatever, they'll hate that. "Gandalf, come quick, King Théoden has been taking bad advice from a guy named Wormtongue!" Ugh, you idiots, am I right? Or how about when a bunch of brats are all "oh, Professor Dumbledore, come quick, my sister was reading an evil diary & she's all messed up." Kids, deal with your own situation! Listen, you want to know who wizards like? Wizards like hobbits. That is why Gandalf was so helpful with that magic ring situation. Because when Gandalf rolls into the Shire, the hobbits come running out, like "Gandalf, Gandalf...who is is going to help us...smoke all this pipe-weed!?" Those little guys have it all figured out, & wizards respect that. Put your house in order & stop nagging wizards, is what I'm saying.
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