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Spider World.

A pretty lazy day so far. Which is nice-- for some reason I am exhausted! I read Curvy, by Sylvan Migdal, this morning. Definitely Not Safe For Work, but I liked it. Candy World? Yes please. I'd read the Jess Fink comics yesterday because of Chester 5000XYV, which is even less Safe For Work. fayefaery had recommended Chester to me as a character study when I was in Cocktails at the Centre of the Earth, you may recall. I also cooked breakfast-- I'd bought a tube of polenta with quinoa in it, & today I fried them up. For a while I had the heat too low & I wasn't getting a sear, but I figured it out. I topped them with ricotta, mozzarella & a little bit of sopressata-- it wasn't quite right, but then Jenny gave them all a wash of balsamic vinegar & it all popped into place. Most of the morning was us watching the end of the first season of Fringe. I had a number of spoilers about the first season that were fairly minor-- Leonard Nimoy is William Bell, the core conflict is with Earth-2, Bell's headquarters is the World Trade Center in Earth-2-- so now I'm glad those are out of the way. I only know one other spoiler-- it has to two with two new character's nicknames-- & I'll be glad when those are out of the way. Anyhow, Fringe is in fact great-- like what if the X-Files was like "oh, this is some fairly conclusive evidence Mulder, Scully has really vouched for you too, so we're giving you your own division." We had some sandwiches for lunch & now we're getting showered up so that we can go to the gym. I was just terrible at working out & at moderating my diet last week, so I'm going to have to get back on the horse this week.
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