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Smash His Crown, Take His Engine.

This New York Lottery advertisement really bugged me on the train today, in part because...well, in part because it is so unremarkable. The ad is for scratch-off tickets, & as you can see, there is a guy (a "regular joe" I guess) in the movie theater, while next to him the scene has been scratched away & there is...a hot woman! Yeah! With all the money you buy from the lottery, you can buy a really attractive lady! That is totally the way that it works, because women are objects, & men with money possess them! It is frustrating; the meta-textual "scratch-off" of the ad itself is fairly clever...but then it plays to the destructive misogynist cultural constructs. & it isn't even like the lottery is primarily marketed to men, or played exclusively or predominantly by men. This is just dumb. It bugged me, because...well, because there are so many other ads that have the same message. & I'm not against attractive women in advertisements, just...the gross power dynamics of winning & ownership associated with the ad genre. Anyhow, it got under my skin, so I got up & took a picture. The caption was "Good things happen in an instant," which isn't the grossest slogan, but this ad, yuck, blech. Do I have anything else to report? Not really. I got Rickshaw dumplings with Amber & Anne for lunch, which was nice-- we ate in the park. The first park lunch of the year, mark the date. Came home to Jenny & I guess was in a bad mood? Snapped out of it & went to the gym. Lots of cardio; I kind of got stuck watching Out of the Wild: Venezuela on the elliptical machine. Remember when Survivor used to be cool? Same thing. Came home & Jenny & I split a green beer & watched an episode of Fringe. Me: "I really hope that is a baby Observer!" & it was.
Tags: ads, fringe, gym, ideology, television

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