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Louise Brooks Was Right!

(Brittani, photograph by Troy Jensen, chicanery by Mordicai.)

Guess who got a Louise Brooks haircut & just moved up for "favorites" status? Brittani, that is who! We are an episode behind; I said two weeks ago that I wouldn't really bother learning anybody's name till the make-overs, since it was impossible to pick favorites, & lo & behold, here we are. Brittani, not only are you my favorite, but I also find you attractive; a strange mix, since I don't require a model to be attractive, you know? Just good at modeling. I hope she can stay the course. Hannah is kind of the worst, but in a delicious way; that is fatbutts favorite. comeuppances likes Molly. I don't know who is fordmadoxfraud or elladorian's favorite. I also like Sara, because one, she called herself "dirty Smeagol" when she was feeling sad, & because (as Jenny pointed out) she looks a little bit like Jenny & Cortney had a baby. Fair enough! Anyhow, because we were drinking this barleywine that Lilly brought-- I can't recall the name, but it had pigs on it-- it took us a solid two hours to watch that hour of television. Also, because we're a bunch of nutbars. Archie was there, & he was really humpy-- which is weird, because he never has been before. Anyhow, we're still a week behind, so no spoilers. The evening ended with Lilly using apps on her phone to mess with photos of us. I hated the fat one so much, & the old one is pretty terrible too. After everyone left, there was still one more bubble of trouble, as Lilly forgot her glasses & had to come back to pick them all. All's well that ends well, though. I slept like rubbish, by the way-- I woke up for an hour at three o' clock because my stomach was in open revolt.

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