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Prediction: Human Torch, Herald of Galactus.

("Wonder Woman" by Jill Thompson.)

It is no secret that I think about Wonder Woman from time to time. The other day fordmadoxfraud passed along a passel of comics, & among them were a few Wonder Woman issues. If you keep up with these things, you'll know that J. Michael Straczynski took over Wonder Woman, gave her a costume reminiscent of the 90s X-man Rogue, changed her origin story & then almost immediately dropped the title. I read a few of the Phil Hester run, who picked up the outline JMS had left, & it, kind of. I think the radical design change & the retcon of her history wasn't required, but I think I get it. I've said for a while that Wonder Woman should focus on her mythological roots (by the way, how great is that Jill Thompson picture? Funny, I always picture her holding Medusa's head, too) & these stories do that. Wonder Woman breaking the horn off a centaur-like god of the hunt & using it to kill him? Right on. & I realize that the "secret hidden Amazon" thing is sort of a trope of the modern Paranormal Romance-- which I have suggested as a good direction. This is not bad stuff, here-- shame they had to turn everyone off by going about it in such a sloppy way. I like it though; I hope people pick up on the vibe & run with it, because there is potential here. I think that comic book fans have largely forgotten that the Justice League is made up of characters from radically different genres. They've all blurred together into the "superhero genre," but I think Batman's return to his noir roots is proof that you've got tons of room to stretch with the characters. Which brings me to a side note: Aquaman. I think Young Justice is using Aqualad as proof that the Atlanteans aren't dumb characters, & I've always been a fan of the MacSweeny's Aquaman rant. I still say the solution to Aquaman is to make him operate in the Lovecraftian Horror genre. You can have him go from armored fish-man, to bearded lunatic with a harpoon hand, to squidbeard deep sea hermit, & back again. It is the cycle of the SAN check! He has an okay rogue's gallery, if you say it is Black Manta & Starro, right? & then add Cthulhu?

("Aquaman" by Michael Mucci, from Aquaman: Sea Change.)

What else did I read-- well, I read twenty-five issues of Usagi Yojimbo, which were of course amazing. What can you say about that stuff? Everyone acknowledges how wonderful it is, right? I read a Hellblazer issue, which-- just seems like it is wandering. A Spider-Girl-- I wish she had powers! Still, as Robert Muldoon would say, "clever girl." Heroes for Hire has Ghost Rider shouting about the guns from hell firing "damnunition," which-- okay, awesome. Abnett & Lanning, you guys are a-okay. Power Girl is about everyone trying to figure out that Max Lord exists; only Power Girl can remember, but also Batman & Dick Grayson's forensic skills can help them dig up the memories. The New Avengers is just Luke Cage & Jessica Jones arguing about what her superhero name should be, which is okay with me. I kind of wish we could just have the two of them, you know? Luke Cage is the premier superhero of the Marvel Universe these days, right? Or am I wrong about that? Oh, & I read 4...or is it 3? The Death of Johnny Storm. I don't know why people liked it? Is it because there were equally plausible ways for other characters to die? I would have liked it better if there were four plots running through it-- it had Galactus, Namor, & Annihilus, but no Doom? Anyhow, vanishing into a horde of enemies is hardly a comic book "death," right? I also read The Uncanny X-Men, which is an Emma Frost story, & six issues of Black Widow. It reminded me of one of my comic pitches, my dream team of White Queen, Black Widow!. Anyhow, Marjorie Lie & Daniel Acuña were doing awesome on Black Widow but Swierczynski, Ruggiero, Garcia & Charalampidis were good, too.
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