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I want to want to go to the gym, but I don't know if that is going to happen. Mordicai Brain is not feeling it. I'm a little bit drained! My weekend wasn't so hectic, at first. Friday night I...well, actually, the tale starts long ago. Months ago I tweeted "Why do I want to see that Anne Hathaway / Jake Gyllenhaal movie? Normally the idea of it would gross me out but somehow it appeals to me." Now-- clearly I've had months to come to my senses. They have a fun platonic chemistry, but that just makes them good talk show circuit fodder. Now, I've decided I like Anne Hathaway well enough-- she was the only bright spot in the dismal Alice in Wonderland 3D debacle-- & Gyllenhaal can charm. Did you see his "I hid the afikomen" monologue for Shalom Street? Anyhow, that doesn't mean that I actually want to watch Love & Other Drugs! Unfortunately, that is what Jenny decided it meant. She even thought I was going to watch it sober, which is just bonkers. It was predictably terrible-- I could have handled it if it was thirty minutes shorter & just a romantic comedy, but instead it took the unsurprising turn into boring drama. Oh, she has Parkinson's, I wonder if she'll push him away?! Anyhow, it somehow was mostly a movie about Pfizer changing from being a Zoloft (not-Prozac) shilling company to being a Viagra machine? Weird.

Saturday I actually didn't do anything! I hung out, played some Golden Eye & went to the gym. That is more my style! That is what I should be up to, really. Day light savings meant we stayed up too late, though. Sunday I made breakfast-- I made bacon & then cooked onions, potatoes, garlic & cabbage in the oil, then added cheese & the chopped up bacon & baked some eggs on top. I over spiced it, but it was good. Then I went over to Sam & Tracey's to run my game, which was good & fulfilling but takes a lot out of you. Monday was another late night with the Godspeed You! Black Emperor concert, so now I'm kind of looking forward to straight up lethargy. Even if, like I said, I feel like I should go to the gym-- I just don't think it is likely. No, scratch that, I definitely am not going. Jenny had some wake to go to tonight, but she isn't going-- so that settles it. Her & her kerchief & me & my cap can all settle down for a nice winter's nap. Nino invited me to some Guy's Night thing with Robert-- food & beer pairings!-- & while it is tempting, tempting, if I go that will mean five nights in a row of doing stuff (counting tomorrow's Television Night) & that just sounds terrible. Just terrible. I don't know what I'll do instead! So far today all I've done is get lunch with comeuppances at Hill Country Chicken & hook up Dante & Nicole on a blind date. Actually, that ain't bad for a day's work.
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