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Checkmate You! Black King.

(Godspeed You! Black Emperor at Terminal 5, by Daniel Bremmer.)

After work I met up with iphisol to go see Godspeed You! Black Emperor! That is very exciting news. She was waiting at the little sidewalk cafe when I got down, & she was all "I'm thirsty for beer!" & I was all "genius, as usual!" So we went to Rye House, which has easily become my favorite joint in the Flatiron District. I haven't seen their dinner menu before; I got a small plate of buffalo sweetbreads & eff yeah. That was great. Super good organs! To drink I had a Stillwater 25 to 1 Anniversary Ale, which was a nice no joke stout, & a Rogue Shakespeare Stout which I wasn't too crazy about; it was fine but after the Stillwater it was a letdown. Bumped into comeuppances, who had been at Eataly with her sister & then come down to Rye House-- I teased her about haunting all my spots! After we had finished dinner, Imogen was like "oh yeah hey, I have this extra ticket!" but neither of us could find someone to come...until Jenny said she would, after her meeting! What! Jenny is like my favorite! I like her much better than anyone else (even you!), so that worked out. Then up to Terminal 5. It wasn't that much of a pain in the ass to get to-- we walked from the N/Q/R at 57th, & sure it was a hike all the way to the edge of the West Side, but no worries. The venue was not as terrible as I'd been led to believe? I heard some horror stories of being trapped behind poles but that wasn't a worry for us-- Imogen had the bright idea go onto the balcony! We actually had pretty wonderful seats-- & I mean seats, since we were sitting down. The VIP section in front of us had better seats, & was filled with 20 year old sapphic love, which was cute-- but aren't the people in VIP sections supposed to be older? Whatever. We were next to some guys from upstate who were pretty okay; we talked to them a bit. The opening act was Colin Stetson, who plays Experimental Saxophone Noise. I don't know how he loops his stuff, since I didn't see any pedals. Curious, but neat; & he really gave it his all, huffing & puffing like he was having a heart attack. I liked it. He introduced one of his songs as "this song is called 'Judges'," & then later he outro'd from a song saying "that song is called 'Judges,'" & it cracked Imogen & I up. He corrected himself, but we were tickled by the idea of some weirdo musical nerd giving all his post-rock atonal jazz songs the same name. Jenny came after Stetson, right in the intermission, & I didn't have any trouble getting her & then getting our seats back. Nice! Then Godspeed You! Black Emperor came on & they were fantastic. I've never had a chance to see them before, & I was all huge goofy smiles when "Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven" part of "Gathering Storm" was playing-- it was awesome live. Godspeed You! Black Emperor is like a deep tissue massage for your brain. At some point Jenny shook me because I was just intently staring off-- I was into it, man! In the VIP section I watched a girl try to light a bowl & keep burning herself with matches, one after the other, while on the screen the band projected a video of a factory burning down. Mostly I had an angle on Sophie Trudeau, which is fine with me; bring on the violin violence! I saw someone curled up in a ball on the floor when I went to go buy drinks midway through the show. They had Magic Hat #9 on tap. Any time you can combine ethereal experimental post-rock noise with pictures of flashing alchemical texts, I'm in. Like you wouldn't believe. It was an awfully nice time, & then the three of us rolled back home & into bed. One o' clock is later than I am almost ever up, these days.

Tags: beers, gsybe, music, restaurants

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