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I almost lost my grip on yesterday! First things first; Kat & I have been excellent lunch buddies this week. I'm on a diet! Well, sort of. When I went to the doctor's office last week, I found out that I'd put on ten pounds in the last three years. Now-- some of that is muscle, maybe even a decent chunk of it. I don't think I've got any more proportional fat on me than I did then. Even so, I could stand to loose a little weight. Not like-- to get skinny, or anything. I just have the extra weight that a well-fed married urban hominid would have. I work out three days a week, so I'm in decent shape, but I'm sort of at a plateau. Like, all the exercise in the world is only worth so much; diet is the other end of the equation. I have a pretty lazy diet as it stands-- I eat whatever I want whenever I want. & that is fine & good, but I am trying to tweak it a little bit. I have poor impulse control-- when there is food in front of me, I eat until it is gone, even if it means a stomach ache. So step one is...not doing that. If I'm full, like I was last night with the hot wings, I don't have to eat the last four. Just save them, have them for breakfast. & boom, I just prevented myself from getting a greasy breakfast sandwich, in the bargain. Step two more salads. For lunch, just get a salad. Salads are good, right? I like them. & if you don't smother them in dressing-- I don't, I just use some balsamic vinegar-- they are pretty healthy. Step three is maybe it is to eat less highly processed carbohydrates? Nino is really good at this, & I find it admirable. I'm not talking about any Atkin's madness here; I'll still get tons of carbs, I just want to avoid the junk that is easy to avoid.

All that to say, lately I've been going to Whole Foods to get salads with Kat. I've been busy at work with spreadsheets all week-- sometimes that is what being at works means. Ledgers! I'm a kind of scribe, I guess? Like, if you view my position from a viewpoint of the totality of history? Anyhow, after work I came home & got ready for the gym...& wavered on the knife's edge. I was seriously sitting there in my work out clothes with my first foot into my gym shoes, & thinking "I could blow off the gym, right? It is raining, I am lazy, I could just hang out with Jenny?" No, though. Willpower! An iron core of hate! I call on you, malice! I get out my black Poké Ball & call on the black shard of shadow. The gym wasn't so bad, once I got there. I hoped it would be empty, on account of the weather, but nah, still plenty of company. Not too bad, though. Cardio was okay, since Wrath of Khan was on television. Benched a little, did some machines, some more cardio, some more machines. An hour & fifteen, then home. Well, first to pick up some Atomic Wings. Jenny was crabby, so I gave her some food & we put on Glee. We are a bit behind, but we got two episodes down. The first was the Justin Bieber episode. Fine? Typical Glee. Second was "Blame It on the Alcohol," which was in fact really great. Probably the most realistic depiction of teenage drinking that I've seen on television, which-- given that Glee is a ridiculous mockery of genre with interspersed song & dance numbers should give you an idea of the incredibly poor portrayals of teenage parties in most shows. Yes; the consequences of teenage drinking are...hangovers, weird make-outs & maybe throwing up. Correct. There was no "terrible consequences!" moral to the drinking, which was a pleasant surprise. Also, I am not afraid to admit that after that episode I want on Facebook & "liked" Chris Colfer & Heather Morris.
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