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("The White Heat", Star Wars toy photography by Avanaut.)

Monday wasn't anything! Nothin'! After Olivia's baptism & subsequent wine binge-- mine, not hers-- taking Monday off to soak in the suds of sloth was definitely on the menu. Jenny cooked Swiss chard & chicken thighs & we watched some Fringe. We're up to "Ability," & there is one thing that is bugging me. I know one spoiler-- I think I do anyway-- that has to do with a bit of stunt casting & the eventual direction the show takes. The thing is, Jenny hasn't been spoiled, so I have to bite my tongue. I wonder when the "reveal" of what I know is-- maybe the finale, I hope? I know the identity of the actor who plays William Bell, & where his office is. If that makes sense. Anyhow, I continue to enjoy that program. Tuesday was going to be laid back, I thought! I got home & hit the gym. I only stayed for like, an hour & ten minutes-- dropping five minutes off "an hour & fifteen" makes me feel like I cheated, but I also skipped my second set of cardiovascular, so maybe it breaks even? It was crowded; come on New Year's resolution tourists, drop out already. When I left the gym, I got a call from Jenny telling me that, surprise, we were going out to dinner with Kira & Nino (& thus also baby Olivia). We got dinner in the Al Di La wine bar, so it was a pretty nice time, as you might expect. I started with the malfatti-- Swiss chard & ricotta gnocchi with butter & sage. I was happy with my choice; it was my favorite from what everyone got. My entree calf liver with baked polenta & caramelized onions, & I was also well pleased with that. Man, organs, that is my jam. I think Nino tied with me on entree-- he got the special, which was a braised boar shank with pearl onions & polenta, but Kira ordered for him, so that is kind of cheating. By the time I was finished eating, I was stuffed. The four of us knocked back two bottles of wine, flirted with the waitress, & were home by ten.
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