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Lost Cities of Golarion by Tim Hitchcok, Michael Kortes & Jason Nelson.

Black Metropolis!
Alchemist & gunslinger,
come to your ruin!

I've had my fair share of successes with lost cities. Not as a Narrator, actually-- I haven't really used the lost city trope, which is a shame, since lost cities are very cool. As a player! There was the lost city in Oisos over-run by the undead-- I played Il Dottore, Geiselghast, wore plague doctor garb & rode a broom. It was great. Then there was the Hundred Worlds, where my ettercap wizard found a city hidden in the sand-- we got mummy rot & didn't have a cleric! It was dangerous & compelling. Lost Cities of Golarion intends to provide Game Masters with the tools to create those kinds of memories. It is primarily a setting book, detailing six cities in the Pathfinder world. It doesn't have any tips for building & populating your own haunted ruins, which is a missed opportunity, but what they give you is engaging. I was particularly struck by two cities-- Kho is one of them. If you recall from my last Oubliette campaign, part of the plotline was crystal ships falling from the sky. In fact, the city the campaign was centered on, Malake, displayed signs of being a former crystal city, millenia ago. So yeah, another case of overlapping interests, which happens with me & Paizo a lot. The authors watched Donner's Superman, just like I did, & Krypton & the Fortress of Solitude lodged in there. My other favorite lost city is Tumen. Constructed by four monarchs-- The Fiend Pharaoh, the Radiant Pharaoh, the Cerulean Pharaoh & the Pharaoh of Numbers-- Tumen is the Las Vegas of Golarion. Built in the middle of the desert as a monument to vanity, then forgotten. Good stuff. The other cities are no slouch-- a creepy intellect devourer city?-- but I do wish there was an Expedition to the Barrier Peaks-style crashed spaceship-city. Shows you how my mind works, I guess.
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