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I've become much more introverted in my life, in the last decade. Part of this is being married, but part of it is being married to Jenny, too, I think. She's an introvert, & that means a lot of my socializing is done solo. Not to mention, I like her way more than anybody else, so means I'm frequently turning down plans because I'd rather just go home & hang out with her, anyway. Besides, it gives me a chance to cherish my misanthropy. Anyhow, the last few weeks I've been complaining about how everyone is suddenly in town, visiting, but really I like it. As much as I don't want to have social obligations, when I'm actually in the mix I have a decent time. Being able to leave helps, too-- while Jenny wants to socialize, she wants to go in for the long haul, but I'd rather hang out for a little bit & then bounce. This weekend's mystery guest was...Brian! I haven't seen him in, oh, a cool decade. Still, we picked back up pretty quickly. He got to Park Slope a little early, right as I was leaving the gym-- a nice workout for my arms-- & then hung around my apartment while I showered. Lunch was Chip Shop-- I had sausage & beans & chips, which was too, too many chips. Brian & I talked about games & relationships & such for about four hours, & then Jenny came home & Brian left. Not before I brought up the letter he wrote Jenny telling her I would break her heart! Which to be fair, I had coming. So! Funny. The evening was then laundry. Stupid old laundry, I hate you. We folded it while we watched the second part of the Castle "terrorism" episode.

Then Sunday! I went to church! Well, into a church, anyway; it was baby Olivia's baptism! Kira & Nino aren't superstitious, but Nino's old man is, so they were humoring him. Dale & Patty picked us up & we drove out to New Jersey, & then into a cathedral! The wall of saints behind the altar was pretty cool, actually. Less cool was the deacon who did the ceremony. Lay people, ugh! Give me your professional clerics! No? Fine. Everyone missed when he said "deacon," & he was all done up in vestments, so when he mentioned his children, there was a lot of whispering in the crowd. The service was...mostly him talking about a minor league football player he met at a men's conference? It was very strange; Justin counted the number of times he said "I"-- not "me" or any other derivative-- & it was thirty-nine. Thirty nine times. After Olivia was dunked & anointed in oils, we all went to Mister Nino's for supper. Nino's pop has the same name, & thus Mister Nino's is his favorite restaurant. The wait staff were...overwhelmed, lets say? But we managed, we managed. I drink more wine then I meant to. First course was prosciutto & melon, followed by mussels in red sauce, & then fried calamari & stuffed mushrooms & baked clams (the baked clams were my favorite), & then that was followed by some pasta, & then a salad, & then surf & turf with mashed potatoes. Actually, the lobster was pretty good! There was a cake, but I didn't have any; apparently it was good & more pastry than cake. Whatever! We were sat at the "kid's table," with Nino's cousin Justin & his wife whose name I've forgotten, & Silva & Liz, & then the other end of the table was Dale & Patty & some people with a kid that we didn't talk to because they were too far away. Patty & Dale drove us home, & I wanted to go right to bed. So what if it is only six thirty! Jenny convinced me to stay up & watch an epsiode of Fringe, which is fine & dandy, but I remember exactly zilch from it. Jenny said it was about...porcupines? I guess I'll have to watch it again.

(Above, jello shots at Television Night & my impression of A Bug's Life; photos by ranai.)
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