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Eye of Nebuchadnezzar. (24)

Pathfinder Player Companion: Inner Sea Primer by Colin McComb et al.

I left Starfall, for
Absalom, axis mundi,
To see the Starstone.

You can tell a supplement is good when you start building a character with it, in your head. Even better, when you start trying to build an avatar of yourself as you read along with it. "Alright, so I left the Wasteland of Ohio & moved to the Metropolis of New York City..." I thought as I flipped through the pages, referring all the while to the map on the front inside cover. "Okay, so Absalom is clearly the New York of the Inner Sea region. What next?" As I read through it, Irrisen jumped to mind-- "The Always Winter Never Christmas country, ruled by Baba Yaga? Sure!"-- but I had to admit that the Wasteland isn't always cold; that would be better left to Canada & above. Fine then; my next requirement was a body of water-- The Eerie Ocean of Lake Erie being a vital part of the Wasteland's mythology. "Lake Encarthan? Then I guess maybe Ustalav, the gothic horror nation where Prince of Wolves was set?" Could be I guess, though there were other likely suspects. "Numeria is a land of decayed industry & super-science, & borders the Lake of Mists & Veils?" Could be, could be. Then again, the wheels kept turning-- "Actually, if we look at Absalom as New York, then the eponymous Inner Sea could be viewed as the Great Lakes in their entirety. Maybe Cheliax is Ohio?" In the end, I was left with more questions than answers...or if you flip it, I was left with more story hooks. I'm very happy with this book, & I don't even run Pathfinder. I admire the layout of it-- each nation gets a column of text, complete with a flag. The header contains information of the nation's "alignment" as well as major races, religions, & languages. After the descriptive text, you get two regional traits to choose for characters from the region. It is just the right length to provide seeds for the Narrator to elaborate upon. The end of the book has some fighting styles & magical techniques, but the bulk of the text are the nations-- which as I said are easily referenced in the endpapers. All the nations of something unique, & exist in a plausible web with their neighbors. A nice piece of worldbuilding.
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