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Iron & Uranium.

("Spider" by Louise Bourgeois, 1997, via glimmerkirk.)

Friday I watched All-Star Superman with ranai, who left when it was done, which was right about the time Jenny came home from work. I left with her, but just as far as the grocery store, where I bought the supplies for Jenny to make macaroni & cheese. We watched an episode of How I Met Your Mother, which was a solid episode in large part because Kyle MacLachlan was in it acting crazy. I guess we must have done something else, but I can't remember what, not for the life of me, so lets just skip it. Afterward we laid in bed cracking each other up, which was good. I needed that. Saturday morning was made from me freaking out about craft containers. The afternoon I spent at the gym; cardio, then down to bench press, then a load of machines, some more cardio & then home. There was a show on at the gym, Mantracker, that I feel like my in-laws would like. A woodsman mounted on a horse with a local equestrian guide chasing two contestants on foot across open country. In both of the episodes I saw, the "prey" were nebbish cityfolk, so it was a lot of fun. Then came the night! Carla & Kenneth came over, Danielle came back from Chinatown, & Jenny made ahi tuna & baby bok choy in oyster sauce. Super good, & supplemented with many sour beers. First, before I forget, while I paw through empty bottles in our recycling to take stock of our beer tasting-- on Wednesday we had a Ommegang Three Philosophers brought by fordmadoxfraud that was pretty good, though I wish I had remembered to pen some quick notes about it. Back to last night we started with Brouwerij Boon Geuze Mariage Parfait, a geuze is a beer made with lambics of different ages, mixed for a second fermentation in the bottle. Very tasty. After that was Wachusett Blueberry, which comes from Kenneth's home town, & is very, very blueberry-y. ranai brought a bottle of The Bruery Mischief, a hoppy & dry beer, which I liked but no one at the table was really in the mood for. Carla also bought a bottle of white wine-- VIVI Falanghina-- but what do I know about wine? Nothing! After dinner we tried to play Rock Band but I certainly wasn't feeling it. I would rather argue with Carla about whether Kris Kuksi makes her think of bas-relief or hieroglyphics or what. Which brings us up to today; I cooked breakfast for Jenny & me & Danielle. I call it an Eggy Situation. Eggs with sausage & cilantro & cheddar, home fries with potatoes & onions & garlic-- all with lots of spices. Sriracha & Bhut Jolokia chili pepper powder, mostly, but the sausage was spicy too. We ate that & watched Glee, & here we are.
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