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Have you seen me?

I use a couple of different containers to store my Dungeons & Dragons miniatures in, but this one is my favorite. It is a black clamshell that has, as you can see, eighteen detachable compartments, each of which is about the right size to hold a "theme" of minis, or a set of miniatures for a single encounter. Since you can pop them off & take only the ones you need, it works really great. The other day Danielle & I went looking for it at The Container Store & came up short. fordmadoxfraud snagged me a box of minis, & my collection was already getting cramped, so I kind of need a new one. Sadly, they didn't have one, & neither they nor I could find it on their website. It is entirely possible that they had it two years ago, & then that was that. Still, I want it; I figure there has to be one on sale somewhere, either through another retail store, or a website, or second hand. Anywhere. The only info I have is a Container Store price tag for $19.99, a barcode & some numbers-- a little 13, then 10 043 526, then a little 1-- so like, 13 10 043 526 1. If anybody knows anything about this container, or can find it or something like it, can you let me know? I'm...starting to get a little bit obsessed. Update: Meggy is the winner by identifying it as the "Clip 'N Go Craft Caddy." She found it by calling The Container Store, which I did but to no avail. Her theory is that she has a sexier voice than me. Dagnabbit. Now I just need to find one for sale somewhere! Update Two: I can't seen to find the "Clip 'N Go Craft Caddy" for sale anywhere-- maybe that was just the name The Container Store gave it?-- so I will probably buy this cell storage unit found by onatopofthings, which you can see in action here. Storage containers are serious business.

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