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Chompers Down.

Fairly ridiculous Television Night. Jenny came home & was shortly followed by fatbutts, who brought two dogs with her: the usual Archie, & the dog she was sitting, Frankenstein. They are a rambunctious duo! They "play" in a way that seems like fighting-- of course it isn't, but that is hard to internalize when you are a tribe of apes who lack aggressive teeth & that type sliding skin. Though I guess "aggressive teeth" is a good way of describing me, come to think of it. Lilly was followed quickly by elladorian who was surprised to find two dogs. I ducked out to stop by Corner Burger & the grocery store-- I had to pick up dinner as well as supplies for Lilly to make cocktails. At the store I ran into fordmadoxfraud & then-- bam. Hey, hey, the gang is all here. Lilly made madrases (hard for me not to say "madrassas") & we got to watching Jekyll, since we'd never finished it. It is such a mix of a good show & a bad show, all at once-- which is exactly what I think of, when I think of the BBC. After that, it was time for more beer tastings from the Lupercalia batch. First up was the Cantillon Gueuze, which was cousin to the Cantillon Iris that Jenny & me & Kira took on our upstate vacation last year. It was...really good. I liked it better than the Iris; maybe the madrases put me in the mood for sour beers, or something, but I was digging it. Then we had some Bias Vlaamse Bourgogne, which was crazy! It was both sour & malted, all at once. It was a big hit, & I liked it a lot as well. After that we watched Modern Family, with special guest Matt Dillon, who looked like a disaster. Seriously, I have an incredibly fondness for Beautiful Girls, but he's really fallen apart. Still, it was a fun episode; that show continues to be on top of its game. By that point, we'd come to the end of our rope, & the end of the evening, so we bundled a drunk Lilly off with her pups, a drunk David & Maggie off together, & tucked ourselves into bed. Today all I have done, besides work, is talk about minimum viable population numbers with Aardvark, Facebook, Nick, & newfriend Cassie.
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