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I didn't expect it, but Jenny totally surprised me with a Valentine's Day gift. Several, actually! Let me back up a bit, to try to run down the build up. Sunday Jenny & I watched Catfish, which I ended up strangely liking a lot. It had been marketed as a horror film, if you recall-- but it wasn't. Not even ten seconds of it are scary. I had spoiled the mystery of it for myself, but even so, I ended up liking it-- the guys are just...likable, I guess. Sure, they are kind of foolish twenty-something hipsters, but that is okay, especially when you are young. They are ultimately decent, & that counts for something. We ordered bagels-- lox spread! & Jenny got capers-- & then I was off to run my game. I ran into Kenneth & his dog Claudio on the way back-- or really, since I've known Claudio longer, I guess Claudio & his boy Kenneth-- & picked up some pizza before hanging out with Jenny. We watched the end of Saturday Night Live-- Russel Brand was surprisingly charming, for one. I used to hate him, but married life suits him. As does being friends with Helen Mirren. Chris Brown was on as the musical guest, & sure, I like watching him dance, but he beat up Rhianna, remember? & then never apologized? & then acted all hurt that no one accepted his non-apology apology? Eff that guy. We watched a chunk of the Grammys, too-- suffice to say, Janelle Monae is awesome. I mean for real, 'nuff said.

Jenny told me when I was taking pictures of minis for my game re-cap not to go digging around in her Flickr-- so I had my suspicions. In fact, she'd filled her account with the above image, to hide whatever might be behind it. Fair enough, I'm a sport, I don't cheat. Now, I'd already bought & wrapped her gifts-- a poppet reading a book & a stone dagger with an antler hilt-- so I was set. Then this morning while I was in the shower Jenny snuck out of the bedroom (I heard the door open, since I'm a ninja, but just figured she wanted in to the bathroom) & set a pack of papers on the laptop keyboard. I saw it later-- sneaky!-- & it was a candy bar, some strange notes about beer, & a card. The card is very nice-- romantic!-- & the chocolate is dark with spicy pepper flakes, which is what I like. There is also a notebook for taking down thoughts about beer! & the kicker of course is the eight bottles of fancy beer she bought me. Well, me & her-- there are dark stouts for my palate preferences, & sour beers for hers. I am super excited. Tonight we are going to hibachi with fordmadoxfraud & elladorian, as well as Kira & baby Olivia, & they are going to come over first, so we can have a tasting!

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