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One of these things is not like the other.

We are getting somewhere on the riddle, finally. The scraps of paper are intelligible clues. A few mistakes, but a few good guesses, on my part. I thought perhaps Hebrew, but discounted it-- it turns out I was right to think Hebrew! It is just handwritten Hebrew, which I don't have a lot of experience with-- all I know about is just enough Hebrew text to wade my way through occult tomes & notice what is going on around in the margins or in the original. That is to say-- nothing practical. kromelizard & wolvus came to the rescue first, followed by people on Aardvark, particularly Yoram & Dvir. Leigh & Aviva helped out a ton as well. One of the fragments I'd positioned upside down, & the "upside down" version I posted was useless-- I just vertically flipped it in MSPaint, rather than rotating it 180° as I ought to have. Still, we worked it out, more or less. As near as we can figure, it reads one of these things is not like the other. אחד הדברים האלה הוא לא כמו האחרים; Ahad hoo lo cimo ha-deverim ha acharim, as Leigh says. Now, I thought at first it might be referring to the "CNI" fragment, but then I figured out that was upside down, & part of the saying, so now I'm confused. Well; I have one theory, but I'm going to keep it private. It is worth noting, however, that Jenny has also said that she is definitely not behind it, so I shouldn't get my hopes up for a Valentine's day surprise.

Peter/Alicia: ומט 'Mate'; Yoram: CNI; Leigh: written wrong - the last character is not a letter; Dvir: כמו: first word was upside down -- like

Peter/Alicia: הוא 'He'; Yoram: He (but also "is"); Leigh: he/it; Dvir: he

Peter/Alicia: לא 'No'; Yoram: No, not; Leigh: not; Dvir: no / not

Peter/Alicia: אחד One' 'Single'; Yoram: One; Leigh: one; Dvir: one

Peter/Alicia: האלה 'These' or noun. Yoram: Those; Leigh: these; Dvir: these

Peter/Alicia: הדבריח Ahedbriah?; Yoram: הדברים The things; Leigh: the words; Dvir: הדברים things

Peter/Alicia: האחרים 'Other'; Yoram: The other; Leigh: the others; Dvir: the other
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