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Decipher Script, DC 35.

It seems "the eye" is up to their old tricks again, after a day without any clues. Today it was an interoffice envelope, previously belonging to accounts payable. There seem to be two main styles of handwriting-- one set loops the corner of their "twos" & one set has a sharp edged "two." The envelope was lined with two pieces of paper, which appear to be there only to shield the envelope's contents-- but maybe I'm missing something. The contents were scraps of paper, & a Pez dispenser in the shape of The Riddler. That makes me think that perhaps the scraps of papers are clues, rather than just a prank. The only person I know who has a connection to Pez is one of the executives on the floor-- while "a prank" would totally be in line with his personality, from what I understand, I don't think pranking me would be. Maybe I am wrong, & my paranoia should cast a wider net! The scraps of paper seem to have some roman characters-- C, N, n, I &/or l &/or 1, a cursive f, a 2 with a loop-- but other characters don't make any sense. My first instinct was that it was Japanese, but they aren't hirigana or katakana. Hebrew? That one shape could be a ה right? The rest don't match. It isn't the Voynich Manuscript script either. The paper is lined, which gives a sense of lateral writing, & the edges don't line up, so I don't think it is a puzzle. Still, I'm stumped, at least for now. Maybe I'll ask Aardvark for help. Any suggestions? Thoughts? I roughly transcribed them, then flipped it vertically to see if a perspective switch would help. It didn't. (Again, thanks to Kelly for evidence photography.)

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