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Now this would be a beautiful death.

("Power" by Kanye West; Lex Luthor: Man of Steel by Lee Bermejo.)

My foray into the world of Kanye Plus Comics. Sure, it has been done before, but I can't help thinking of Lex Luthor whenever I hear that line. Or whenever I hear something like that line, since Jenny has taken to dancing around the apartment singing "no one man should have all that flour!" which is funny, but maybe not as funny as "no one man should have all that Pokemon. I kind of hate Kanye, but every time I think I do I watch him on Saturday Night Live & I think maybe he is a genius. Anyhow, my attempt is just sloppy MSPaint, but I think that is how my favorite one was made. I might be sentimental, though. Flying into the heart of the sun to build a machine no mortal can conceive of but that will save the day? Yep. This looks like a job for...Superman.
Tags: comics, kanye plus comics, kryptonians, mspaint

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