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Presence, Manipulation & Intelligence.

("The Goddess" by Keith Thompson, from Behemoth.)

Another thing that has been bothering me about The World of Darkness' Storyteller System that I've been trying to think of a tweak to house rule for Oubliette is the lack of derived traits for the "Power" attributes, & Manipulation. Strength excluded-- Strength always speaks for itself, when you have a robust melee system. Presence & Intelligence, particularly. Almost else gets used somewhere-- Stamina is added to your size to determine your Health, Composure & Resolve are added to each other to figure out your Willpower, & the lower of your Wits & Dexterity is the value of your Defense. I like the derived traits, & I think that they force a Player towards a well rounded character...& it bothers me that three of the nine get left out. This is like Dungeons & Dragons Third Edition all over again-- Charisma was left out in the cold, & it always bugged the heck out of me. I have run a few ideas through my noggin trying to come up with a solution-- Magical Defense based on the lower of Presence & Intelligence, for instance, or a Aura of Manipulation plus Presence in which your various social acumen takes effect...nothing satisfactory. I've thought of whole new Attributes-- what if there was a Weird derived trait? Maybe, but what does it do that Willpower can't do? I haven't come up with something I like, more is the pity. Just something to mull over. How to make a top-down change that will make the bottom-up character building experience a little better. Derived Humanity? No, that won't do. Speed? Doesn't make sense to use any of the given attributes. I've got nothing. Maybe I could determine how many Character Traits you get that way? Nah, that seems inelegant, since nothing else in the system works that way. So I think, & think.
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