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But What Does It Mean?

Day Three of the Riddle. I wondered if I would get anything-- most of the day passed with no sign of mysterious interoffice envelopes. Then, two at once! Look at that penmanship; it totally looks like someone is trying to obscure their handwriting. Maybe writing with their left hand?

Inside of one envelope was another envelope, inside another envelope, nested together like Matryoshka dolls-- a size 7, a 6, a 5 & then a 3 followed by a business size interoffice envelope. The interoffice envelope was previously addressed to "Slush" on 18, then someone on 15, then HR on 5, before winding up in my hands.

& then inside the last envelope was...a printed icon of another envelope.

In the next envelope was a box of paperclips, marked with a question mark. The mail guy said that he'd heard from the other mail guy that the source of the envelope was the 18th floor. The only person I can think of on that floor is Kat, though I wouldn't entirely rule out her boss, even. I also wouldn't rule out Nick & slash or Heather, as they are on 19 & could pop down a floor to throw me off the track.

There were 52 paper clips in total-- one for every week, or perhaps the 52 worlds in the DC comics multiverse. Three of the paperclips formed a triad & there were three duo clips-- but that might have happened organically in shipping.

An hour passed & then another envelope appeared-- with a Batmobile in it! Again, different handwriting, but it looks awkward-- possibly the same culprit. The mail guy said that this package had come from 15, which as far as he was concerned meant that it was Andy. That is a strong possibility-- Monica would probably help with that, & lots of other Saints up there, like Sarah & Rachel & Amber & Loren. Plenty of suspects. I'm not entirely convinced that the 18th & 15th connections are solid, though.

(Photo credit to Matt on this series of evidence photos.)
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