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Cassandra Cain Was Right.

(Batgirls-- Barbara Gordon & Cassandra Cain-- by Art Baltazar.)

I have sure been remembering my dreams a lot lately. I woke up at three am & jotted down a few notes in my phone's "drafts," which is how this one stuck with me. A dream, rather than a portent-- no omens, no Arlequina, no auspices, no Girl from Room 43. In the dream, Ann Ward & Summer Glau played sisters, both of whom were bloggers-- I presume Summer Glau's character Orwell on The Cape has something to do with that, along with watching Serenity the other day. & I don't think I mentioned this, but I did tweet about it: I saw Ann Ward on the R train a few weeks ago, so she must have been percolating around in the back of my head as well. Anthony Stewart Head was an Iroh like figure-- the sort of lazy-seeming but wise zen master. He literally reclined on a pool chair most of the dream. Matthew Lillard was in there too, playing the cut athlete of the family. The family? Didn't I mention that this was a remake of Modern Family? It was Television Night last night, but Modern Family didn't record, so instead we all watched Celebrity Mole. Maybe it is weird that I own that on DVD? Anyhow, in the dream we were starring in a remake of Modern Family. I think I was the nerdy dad & Jenny was the mother, but she wasn't really in the dream. We took a family photo at one point, & we all drew together, portrait style, & I took a pair of iPod headphones & stuck the ends in my mouth, put each bud under my tongue. Maybe that is how headphones work in the future, I don't know. At some point, Matthew Lillard was being challenged to a lot of contests by this girl at the pool-- you know, she kept yelling insults & dares at him. I think it was Madeleine Dupont, who I think was on my mind because I was amazed that not only does Facebook have a "Favorite Athletes" category, but I have someone in that category-- Madeleine Dupont. At some point she came charging over to-- I thought-- physically assault Lillard, but instead they merged into a single blob of flesh. So, thanks for whatever, brain.
Tags: dreams, olympics, television

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